WorldWide (Euro-8) Loaders

WorldWide (Euro-8) Loaders

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Tri-L’s WorldWide Pallet Forks are a great attachment for handling pallets and heavy loads on your front loader. Included on the frame is a headache rack standing 13” tall, giving you extra safety for taller or uneven loads and while using the rollback on your loader.

Our WorldWide Pallet Fork has a universal mounting bracket that fits most tractor loaders using the Euro (Euro-8) and Global quick attach system. This unit comes with two 1.25” thick, 4” wide forks. The top rail for the forks has 10 locking adjustments, to allow for multiple load sizes.

Size Options:

48" pallet forks LPWW-48. Also available in a heavy duty version LPWW-48HD
Capacity for LPWW-48HD is 6000 lb

Machine Requirements

Fits WorldWide/Euro-8
Quick Attach loaders


48″ Forks




per pair

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