Stump Jumper

Stump Jumper

Part Number: 415502

Enhance your rotary cutter’s durability with our premium stump jumper, compatible with the Bigfoot Cutter and a wide range of other rotary cutters. Designed for use with gearboxes up to 40 horsepower, this stump jumper acts as a critical shield, protecting your blades from rocks, debris, and other potential hazards. With a robust 1 1/2″-12 spline hole and precise 13 1/2″ hole spacing, it ensures a perfect fit and optimal performance. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your bush hog or any rotary cutter, our stump jumper offers unparalleled protection and reliability. Its sturdy construction and efficient design make it an essential addition for anyone looking to enhance their equipment’s lifespan and maintain peak performance. Ideal for agricultural, landscaping, and property maintenance tasks, this stump jumper is a must-have for professionals and enthusiasts alike.



20 1/4″ diameter


25 pounds

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