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Chutes & Head Gates

Work cattle easily by yourself with WW’s chutes and headgates. Get easy access to the top half of livestock for branding, vaccinations, and deworming.


Specialty chutes offer safe, efficient operation and heavy-duty construction.


  • Heavy Duty Load Chute
  • Portable Load Chute
  • Calf Table
  • Trim Stock Chute
  • Longhorn Chute


Quick and efficient operation, plus all controls in one place, help today’s cattle producer get the job done.


  • BeefMaster Standard
  • BeefMaster Extra Long
  • BeefMaster Extra Long w/ Vet Gates
  • BeefMaster Yoke Trailer
  • BeefMaster Palpation Cage
  • BeefMaster Head Gate
  • Self-Catch Head Gate
  • Scissor Head Gate


This innovative livestock handling system keeps you and your crew safe while operating from the rear.


  • Stampede 2K Self-Catch Squeeze Chute
  • Stampede 2K Hydraulic
  • Stampede 2K Hydraulic w/ Overhead Boom
  • Stampede Yoke Trailer
  • Stampede Palpation Cage

W-W Hydraulic

The W-W Hydraulic Chute reduces the risk of injury to animals, with a quiet operation to reduce “noise panic” by animals.


  • RanchMaster
  • BullMaster
  • Super Pro
  • Accessories
  • Yoke Trailer

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