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W-W Hydraulic Chute

Reduce the risk of injury to animals with the W-W Hydraulic Chute. Quieter operation also reduces “noise panic” by animals.

Here are just some of the standard features that make the W-W Hydraulic a cut above the rest:

  • Control arms and center squeeze bars equipped with sealed bearings
  • Fold-down bars saddle cut for extra strength and come with spring-loaded latches
  • All bearings equipped with grease zerks for ease of maintenance
  • Emergency side exit
  • Side-drop door latch in the center of drop door
  • Side-drop door latch activates latches on both ends simultaneously
  • Pressure gauge reduces the risk of injury to animals


RanchMaster hydraulic chutes come with a pressure gauge to reduce the possibility of injury to animals.

  • Super quiet operation to reduce “noise panic”
  • Control arms and center squeeze bars feature sealed pillow-block bearings
  • Emergency side exit
  • All bearings include grease zirks for easy maintenance
  • Fold-down bars saddle cut for extra strength and include spring-loaded latches
  • Length: 101″
  • Width: 83″
  • Height: 96″
  • Dropbars: 25″


This is the biggest chute on the market, designed for the largest breeds in the beef industry.

  • Nylon bushings on the bottom of headgate and tailgate
  • Hydraulic adjustment of emergency side exit, lower side and headgate extension
  • Length: 117″
  • Width: 89″
  • Height: 104″
  • Dropbars: 31″

Super Pro

The stoutest chute in the industry, it’s designed specifically to withstand abuse sustained from feedlot processing and re-implanting.

  • Super-sized materials including 3 1/2″ heavy wall frame and 2 1/2″ heavy wall sides
  • UHMW bushings at gate bottoms
  • All gates include double wear plates, headgate extensions and hydraulic bottom adjustment


Ask about accessories for your W-W Hydraulic Chute:

  • Hydraulic Head Bender
  • Hydraulic Neck Bar
  • Hydraulic Head Roller
  • Hydraulic Leg Puller
  • 3/4″ Hot Roll Floor
  • Head Gate Extensions – Weld on or bolt on
  • Gate Guards
  • Dual Controls
  • Dual Cylinders on Gates
  • Yoke Trailer
  • Palpation Cage
  • Palpation Door
  • Full Drop Door
  • Split Drop Door
  • Separate Unit
  • Gas Powered Unit
  • Single Drop Bars
  • Tip Chute Assembly
  • Head Rest
  • “New” Adjustable Gate Bottoms

Yoke Trailer

Yoke trailer for W-W Hydraulic Chutes provides easy transportation from clinic to feedyard or ranch.

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