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The first livestock handling system to operate from the rear, an innovative design allows better and safer handling of livestock than ever. The Stampede keeps you and your crew out of the flight zone.

  • One-man operation
  • Manual or hydraulic
  • Retractable squeeze arm
  • Hinged drop bars
  • Steel floor
  • Neck injection doors
  • Ratchet back-up bar
  • Double dutch doors

Stampede 2K Self-Catch Squeeze Chute

Standard features include 2 easy-access neck injection doors, brisket bar, ratchet bar and double dutch doors. An inline bifold door creates advanced noise reduction and is the heaviest tall gate on the market.

All Squeezes accommodate any size animal. The parallel axis body has a range of motion from 9″ to 32″.

The 2K Self-Catch Squeeze comes standard with a state-of-the-art WW Stampede head-catch system. A chain-driven head gate eliminates cables and allows the operator to make easy adjustments with no hassle.

Control the headgate system from the rear, removing the operator from the animal’s flight zone. Unique head-restraining neck extenders help with many tasks including implanting, neck injections, tagging and any eye or head work.

Stampede 2K Hydraulic

The Hydraulic Stampede Squeeze Chute meets the requirements of the serious cattleman. It’s just the latest in a long line of time-tested quality products from WW. It fills an important void in the market for high quality cattle handling equipment and is getting high praise from users.

Stampede 2K Hydraulic w/Overhead Boom

Allow the operator to work from any position with an optional overhead boom that allows the controls to pivot 340 degrees. Stay out of the animal’s flight zone by working from the front, rear left or right.

Stampede Yoke Trailer

When it’s time to transport cattle, Stampede Transport yoke trailers fit all Stampede Squeeze Chutes made by WW.

Stampede Palpation Cage

Get full access to the rear of the animal for preg checking, castration and any other job that requires complete access. This heavy-duty palpation cage allows for complete access with gates on either side.

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