1″ Universal Pin-On Double Front Loader

1″ Universal Pin-On Double Front Loader

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Tri-L’s Pin-On Double Front Loader hay bale spear is the ideal implement for handling round bales. The two-spear design allows you to grab the bale at a lower point. This double front loader also has a larger weight capacity than the standard single-spear design, meaning you can transport more in less time. Our pin-on spear uses a customer weld-on mounting bracket that has various hole placements to fit 1″ pin loaders. The bracket has 12 hole locations that act as a universal mount and allows it to fit a variety of pin-on style loaders. Our frame comes with four 1” pins or can be modified to fit different pin sizes.

Machine Requirements

Fits most Pin-Type loaders:
John Deere 146, 148, & 175


37¼” x 60″
36″ or 49″ Spears





Color Options

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