3-Point Unroller Complete

3-Point Unroller Complete

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Tri-L’s 3-Point Unroller is a great product to help prevent hay waste and save you money! Unrolling hay allows you to only put out what your livestock will eat in each feeding, making your bales last longer. The Unroller is easy to use and will fit most tractors with a 3-point hitch—with or without a quick hitch adapter.

Additionally, by unrolling hay bales, you can feed your livestock in a different location every time. This helps spread the manure droppings, helping to evenly fertilizer throughout instead of in a concentrated area. This will in turn help to keep from damaging the ground in a central feeding spot.

The 3-Point Unroller can also be used when field conditions are not at their best (i.e. muddy, snow/ice covered, etc.). The hay can be unrolled to give your small calves, or any livestock, a place to get off of the unfavorable ground.

Tri-L’s 3-Point Unroller is easy to use and will fit most tractors with a 3-point hitch, with or without a quick hitch adapter. In addition, it has adjustable spinners to pick up 4’ or 5’ wide bales, handling up to 3000 lb. (not to exceed OEM guidelines).

The UNR-3000C comes complete with everything needed to hook up and begin feeding. Whether your livestock are feeding or taking refuge, unrolling hay allows you the freedom to feed what you want and where you want it!


Machine Requirements

3-Point Hookup
Cat. 2 Quick Hitch Compatible


70.25″ x 27.5″
51-3/4″ to 66-5/16″
opeing width





Color Options


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