Square Bale Wrangler

Square Bale Wrangler

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The Square Bale Wrangler from Tri-L allows you to save time and labor gathering hay bales in the field. Safely gather 10 square bales at a time from your cab. It is recommended that standard 14″ x 18″ hay bales are used for best performance.

Tri-L’s Square Bale Wrangler has incredible lifting power with the capacity to lift 10 square bales at once with ease! Quickly grab, lift, load, and unload bales onto, and off of, your truck or trailer. The Square Bale Wrangler has 24 hooks that dig in and hold on tight, so no bale is left behind. The Bale Wrangler unit includes a 2” x 8” hydraulic cylinder.


Machine Requirements

Fits most standardized Skid Steer loaders. Call to verify specific loaders


93 ¼” x 89 ½” x 20″ Frame




10 standard 14”x18” square bales

Color Options


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