WorldWide Double Loader

WorldWide Double Loader

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Tri-L’s WorldWide Double Front Loader hay bale spear is ideal for handling round bales. The two-spear design allows you to grab the bale at a lower point and provides more visibility when transporting. The frame includes a 12-inch headache rack to help support the load when rolling back the loader arms. Our WorldWide spear uses a universal mounting bracket that fits most tractor loaders using the Euro (Euro-8) and Global loader quick attach system. These spears allow for flexibility and are made specifically to handle heavy duty loads. Two additional sleeves are welded into the frame, allowing you to change the spacing for different size bales.

Size Options:

Also available in a heavy duty version (WW-2900QTDB)
Capacity for WW-2900QTDB is 2900 lb


Machine Requirements

Fits WorldWide/Euro-8
Quick Attach loaders


29″ x 46″ Frame
36″ or 49″ Spears





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