WorldWide Double Loader

WorldWide Double Loader

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Tri-L’s WorldWide Double Front Loader hay bale spear is ideal for handling round bales. The two-spear design allows you to grab the bale at a lower point and provides more visibility when transporting. The frame includes a 12-inch headache rack to help support the load when rolling back the loader arms. Our WorldWide spear uses a universal mounting bracket that fits most tractor loaders using the Euro (Euro-8) and Global loader quick attach system. These spears allow for flexibility and are made specifically to handle heavy duty loads.

Size Options:

Also available in a heavy duty version (WW-2900QTDB)
Capacity for WW-2900QTDB is 3400 lb


Machine Requirements

Fits WorldWide/Euro-8
Quick Attach loaders


29″ x 46″ Frame
36″ or 49″ Spears





Color Options


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