Two Leaders of the Farm Equipment Manufacturing Industry Become One

Tri-L Manufacturing acquires Precision Manufacturing to expand product offering with an all-inclusive line of farm maintenance and land-clearing equipment. Longtime farm equipment fabricator, Tri-L Manufacturing, Inc., is now Tri-L & Precision Mfg. after the acquisition of Precision Manufacturing on October 5, 2023. The combination of Tri-L’s line of more than 370 farm-management products and Precision’s line of land reclamation equipment has created a new and
all-inclusive product line of nearly 500 products to aid in all aspects of agricultural land management– from hay
handling to land clearing.

Tri-L was born of necessity. In the 1970s, founder Bob Lynch and his family were looking for a way to move the newly popular big round bales. Bob, being a mechanical engineer by trade and an all around problem-solver, took matters into his own hands and designed a hay fork that would attach to the three-point hitch on his tractor. The concept caught on with most any farmer who saw it, and soon demand grew– leading Bob, his wife Marie, and their sons to open Tri-L Manufacturing in 1979. Today, Tri-L’s product line has grown much in the same way it began– through necessity. “Product lines have grown as farming culture has changed and diversified,” says Tri-L’s chief financial officer, Brett Ruether. “Every farmer, whether it’s on a large scale or a small scale, has different needs. And they’re looking to us to help service their needs.”

In that spirit, Tri-L acquired Precision Manufacturing to further diversify their product offerings. Precision began in 1992, with a mission to solve tree and brush problems for landowners.“We designed our products for a variety of customers including farmers, contractors, landscapers and small property owners,” said Bill Reed, former owner of Precision Manufacturing. The Precision product line is comprised of implements and equipment used for land reclamation, increased crop production, cleaning fence rows and improving roadways. Their equipment has proven invaluable during cleanup from natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

Tri-L will continue to design and market their product line from their home offices in Ozark, MO. Each item will be proudly made in the USA, in the middle of America’s heartland with manufacturing facilities located in Ozark and Sedalia, MO. Company leadership remains unchanged, with founder Bob Lynch’s son, Robert, at the helm along with his wife Robin and their son-in-law Brett. Robert believes what has made Tri-L successful in the past will carry them into this new era as Tri-L & Precision Mfg., “As equipment changes, as needs change, we will just keep adding products,” he said. “The customers are our boss. We have to cater to them. And being a family owned company, we can quickly address those needs. Our future generations will continue to value the importance of our customers and their needs.”

For more information about Tri-L & Precision Mfg., and their newly merged product line, contact the main office by calling 800-759-4159. For more information about Precision Mfg., visit