Agricultural Bucket

Agricultural Bucket

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Tri-L’s Agricultural Bucket is considered indispensable when it comes to a versatile bucket that will get the job done. Its high sides will cut into large material piles for efficient scooping. Our Agricultural Bucket features a high back that can be used to push material and easily pile it up for handling.

Size Options:

6' & 7' Available

Machine Requirements

Fits John Deere 600/700 series loaders*,
WorldWide/Euro-8 loaders,
universal pin type loaders,
or standard Skid loaders


72″ Bucket
84″ Bucket


72″ Buckets| 84″ Buckets
JD6 625lbs | JD6 725lbs
WW 550lbs | WW 650lbs
FL 560lbs | FL 650lbs
SS 575lbs | SS 680lbs


18 ft³
21 ft³
*JD series:
19 ft³ & 22 ft³

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