WorldWide Triple Two Square Bale Mover

WorldWide Triple Two Square Bale Mover

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Tri-L’s WorldWide Two Square Bale Mover is designed to carry two large square bales at a time, which can greatly reduce time and cost. This unit includes three spears along the bottom to distribute the weight across the frame and includes two additional sleeves so you can adjust the spear spacing to accomadate many square bale lengths. It also includes two stabilizer spears to hold the top bale in place. Our WorldWide frame uses a universal mounting bracket and fits most tractor loaders using the Euro (Euro-8) and Global loader quick attach system and has a reinforced pipe headache rack made for stacking and pushing bales.

Machine Requirements

Fits WorldWide/Euro-8
Quick Attach loaders


48″ x 60 Frame
36″ Spears





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